Let the agency management more agile and fast with our systems.

AdSolutions specializes in making your business more simple, efficient and automatic. We adapt our systems for your business, according to the size or format implemented in your company.

Worry only about the quality of your delivery to your clients.

Learn more about our featured systems and platform:

AdCloud - Simple Operating System for Small Agencies

AdSolutions working to facilitate the operation of small agencies.

A simple, compact but efficient system for small agencies and startups. The AdCloud platform is fully virtualized servers in the Amazon in the USA with media catalog information and media price lists held and managed by JOVE. Develop and price media insertion orders, AP and Production Quotations leaving them ready for integration into the financial system to bill and receive from your customers and pay their suppliers. Zero investment in hardware and software, pay-per-use service can be hired quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. You can contract basic version of the plataform and make upgrades according your growth. Track the progress of your jobs using the tablet or mobile phone, wherever you want.

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AdBusiness - Marketplace of Media Business Opportunities

Media vehicles and advertising agencies connected in single electronic trading platform

How about receive or access the media business opportunities, import into AdSolutions media planning and buying system, evaluate, negotiate, make a deal with automatic issue of insertion orders and easly do the integration to billing system in just a few clicks ?

Very easy and simple to operate.

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AdCorporate - Advertising Agency ERP

Full Corporate System.

A complete and daring corporate system to large advertising agencies for use in computer network of his own agency in database environment, integrated, real-time, with maximum safety, reliability and excellent performance.

With AdCorporate you can manage the planning and media buying, post analysis of media buying, control job flow, time-sheet, billing, accounts payable and receivable, profitability, accounting and general management of the agency more efficiently.

All this in a simple, easy to use and fully integrated plataform.

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AdLite - Corporate System Version focused to medium sized agencies

Small Corporate System Version

The AdLite is a fragmented set of AdCorporate functions interconnected. It applies to midsize agencies. You can contract pluggable AdCorporate fractions according to your needs beyond to adapt the system to fragments that already exist version in your company.

The main feature of AdLite is continuity: System fractions are the same that make up the global environment, getting all the modifications made to the corporate version.

The system is easy to adapt to medium businesses.

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AdMedia - Media Planning and Buying System

Media Off and Online Planning and Buying System

AdMedia is a complete system of planning and buying media online and offline.

Very simple and intuitive to use, reflects the operational day-to-day media.

With few parameters you have access to rankings, geographical scopes and reaches, signs maps, programming assembly, trading suggestion and shares, assembly plans with differentiated buying market by market weighting reaches, mix planning and buying arguments, differentiated weekly, system calibration levels to prevent distortion of the plan, scheduling fittings, analysis of impacts caused by programming changes during after planning, realtime insertion orders, electronic booking, field map with signs of invasion, requests for material, in short, a complete system very well thinking and hands on.

Put into practice all your strategy easily.

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AdChecking - Cross Media and Post Buy Analysis

Cross Media

Import your exhibitions spots files that you have contracted and let the system do media crossing exhibitions pointing faults, facilitating the process of compensation of failures. After the media checking you will get easily the result of the three moments of the communication: Planned x Booked x Displayed, each one with its indicators such as GRP, TRP, Reach, Frequency, etc.

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AdTraffic - Jobs Control, Production Orders and Purchase Orders

Jobs Control, Bids, Projects and Purchase Orders

Now the AdTraffic is a multi disciplinary platform for online agencies, live marketing and advertising with several formats you even set and organized in Master Plan form projects and jobs.

The new platform AdTraffic v3 allows you to operate on PC's, Mac's and Tablets.

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AdFinance - Financial and Administrative System

Finance and Accounting

AdFinance allows you to register your accounts by cost centers, results centers, fixed expenses, financial and accounting forecasting, control of banking movement, cash flow, billing, accounts payable and receivable, tools to help you in calculating taxes, fully aligned with the brazilian government, federal and local regulations, electronic invoices and with excellent adherence to SOX.

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AdTime - Time Sheet

Time pointing system allocated to projects and jobs

With AdTime you will know exactly the time and financial participation in the execution of your jobs and projects.

AdTime runs on PC and Macs.

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AdTracking - System to Advertisers manage budget, GRP/TRP and payable handling

System to Advertisers

Track your budget, GRP / TRP reach and do the invoices crossing easier.

AdTracking is a system oriented to the monitoring of budget, GRP/TRP and advertising efforts. It is based on the exchange of information between the agency and the advertiser, you can count on a full campaign tracking system.

The system allows you to connect with agencies through the Internet and consolidate results and analysis through various financial monitoring reports of the campaign, the placement of budget, media and production investment, grouped by event, schedules, actions and flights, for example.

AdTracking provides the vision of the budget and the estimated GRP/TRP and then the amounts already committed.

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AdApprove - On-Line Approval of Documents

Use the internet to approve your documents with your clients

With AdApprove approvals of Media Plans, AP's and Production Estimatives may be approved by the Internet directly by the advertiser.

Simple to use, requires only a web browser on the advertiser side.

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AdJobControl - On-Line Jobs Tracking

Track jobs anywhere

With AdJobControl you can track through the internet in real time the execution of jobs, what department they are now, where they went, the person who is currently assigned, finally, you are out of office but connected in real time with jobs easier decision-making.

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AdBid - Digital Quotation

Digital Quotation, production suppliers.

This system standardizes production estimates to present to your clients. You can configure the system to control and validate supplier's Certificates of Tax Debt.

You have effective control of prices, identifying and analyzing digital records sent by suppliers previously approved in a Supplier Database organized by qualification criteria. Based on your briefing, the system helps you to choose the most suitable suppliers to work and send electronic invitations for the supplier to participate in your process of choice.

All this in a safe environment, protected by passwords and access control.

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AdIntegra - B2B Digital Integration with Advertisers

Digital File Exchange - B2B - Agency x Advertiser

AdSolutions has several digital layouts to files exchange with leading advertisers in Brazil.

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AdManagement - Digital Flow for Internal Approvals

Improve your flow for internal approvals.

With AdManagement increment flow of digital approvals for payables and preparatory processes and all insertion orders changes. Register all invoices received by the agency for further double checking before pay. You will have much greater control in receiving and sending supporting documents for clearance processes. Attach scanned documents to facilitate their analysis before the payment release.

This system is fully integrated with AdCorporate. The financial checking work and billing are much easier. Follow the insertion orders status and main contents changes in details and key documents required by your clients to the billing process.

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